This Week with ECJKD: No Styles, Just Victory

Why I call myself The JKD Rebel.

This week we're taking you on a unique journey into the heart of Jeet Kune Do with a closer look at why I embrace the title of the "JKD Rebel."

In a special blog post and accompanying video, I share my reflections on the true essence of JKD. It's about much more than just techniques and forms; it's a way of thinking, a way of living. Lee's vision was revolutionary — challenging the norms and encouraging individuality in martial practice. However, the path he carved out has often been misunderstood.

Why the “JKD Rebel”?

Because to truly follow in Bruce Lee's footsteps means to question, to adapt, and to evolve. As Jerry Poteet told me, it means not just to learn the rules, but to break them, to discard what is unnecessary, and to forge a personal path in martial arts that is effective and true to oneself. This week, I delve into why this philosophy is crucial, not just for martial arts, but for life itself.

The content we create is for anyone who values growth, adaptability, and the pursuit of personal excellence. Join us as we explore what it means to embrace the rebel spirit, pushing beyond the boundaries of tradition to discover what truly works today.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support inspires us to continue exploring, questioning, and sharing the lessons of JKD. Stay tuned for more weekly insights, and if you’d like to kickstart your training, head over to our website to sign up for a private session or our group class in Los Angeles. And, if you refer a friend and they sign up for a month of our group class, you’ll receive a month off yourself.

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