Keeping the Flame Alive

Inside the Grand Opening of KIX

In the world of martial arts, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) stands out not just for its physical techniques but for its profound philosophy. It’s a legacy that Bruce Lee left us, a way of thinking and living that emphasizes adaptability, efficiency, and simplicity. This lineage, from Bruce to Jerry Poteet and from Jerry to me, is more than a history of training. It’s the essence of JKD, a pulse that keeps the art form vibrant and evolving.

The recent opening of a new space in Southern California by DJ Miller, one of my instructors, is a perfect example of this legacy in action. DJ’s project, KIX, is a testament to the spirit of JKD, a place where the philosophy of being like water—fluid, adaptable, unstoppable—comes to life. This is not just a milestone for DJ but a beacon for how JKD continues to inspire and evolve.

Jeet Kune Do teaches us to be adaptable, to overcome obstacles with grace and strength. This philosophy extends beyond martial arts, influencing lives in profound ways. The opening of KIX underlines this, showing how JKD’s teachings continue to resonate, guiding new generations.

As we celebrate KIX and the journey of JKD, we're reminded of our responsibility to this legacy. It’s not about preserving techniques but about ensuring the philosophy of JKD continues to empower and inspire. DJ Miller's work with KIX exemplifies how JKD’s essence is alive, thriving, and as relevant today as ever. You can’t spell JKD without DJ!

This story of legacy and evolution is our shared journey. It’s a call to keep the spirit of JKD alive, to live by its principles and share its wisdom.

See this legacy for yourself. Watch the video of KIX's grand opening to witness the JKD spirit in action:

And if you’re in Los Angeles, check out our group class or book a private session by visiting our website here. Experience the transformative power of JKD, which teaches us not just to fight, but to live with purpose and adaptability. Let’s write our chapter in this ongoing story, keeping the spirit of JKD alive for generations to come.

Until next week,